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Facial Collection

Hyperpigmentation Facial

Fade dark spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation to achieve bright, consistent, even skin-tone. 

Celluma Light Therapy

Improves cellular health by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, treat existing blemishes and minimize future breakouts. 

NB: Ask about our pain management with celluma

Acne Facial

From problem skin to polished skin. Clear, control & protect from future breakouts. 

The 'Youth as we know it" Facial

From problem skin to polished skin. Clear, control & protect from future breakouts. 


A simple, effective and non-invasive facial treatment which uses a specially designed blade and nourishing oil to perform gliding techniques on the skin.

This removes the dull, dead top layer of the skin reveling a brighter, youthful glow! As a bonus it also removes vellus hair (a.k.a  peach fuzz).   

Triple Oxygen Facial

The ‘glow’ getter radiantly revives stressed, dehydrated and overworked skin. A skin-specific peel primes the skin while three forms of oxygen brightens and leaves a gorgeous, FUTURE branded glow. A breath of fresh air for your face – literally. 

The Healing Gua Sha Facial

This facial treatment involves the gentle "scraping" of a flat jade or rose quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage.

Enzyme Facial

A gentle exfoliant that smooths and refreshes skin. Safe for sensitive and regular skin types. Speeds up skin cell renewal and increase collagen production.

'Homme Improvement' Facial

For the brilliantly smooth man. This energizing treatment restores vitality to male skin, decongesting pores & increasing circulation. A virile version of our triple oxygen therapy. A rescue remedy for revitalized and fresh skin. 

High Frequency Facial

Through the application of holistic oscillating electrical current - high frequency facials have Vivant’s progressive chemical peel that can dramatically improve clients’ skin in a relatively been known to improve acne, soften fine lines, improve the short period of time.


The new skin revealed by Propeel will be smoother, clearer, with appearance of puffy eyes, tighten and tone sagging skin. improved texture + collagen production with reduced fine lines and wrinkles

Hollywood Facial

Achieve an instant lift and rejuvenation to the skin. This helps to firm, lift and stimulate collagen for that "red carpet" moment or for that special event!

Celluma Facial

Consists of the basic facial steps with the inclusion of celluma light therapy.

24K Gold Facial

Achieve a noticeable glow and rejuvenation to the skin!

Enzyme Boost

An intensely exfoliating treatment that re-texturizes and refreshes skin. Ideal for skin that is acclimated to the Enzyme Facial. Speeds up skin cell renewal and increase collagen production.

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