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Dermal Fillers

Effective to replace volume loss & restore facial balancing as well as correct facial lines and wrinkles to fill them in so they are no longer visible 


  1. Cheek enhancement

  2. Lips

  3. Chin enhancement

  4. Jawline definition

  5. Smile lines

  6. Tear trough/Undereye filler

PDO Threads

Nonsurgical lift, volume replacement or smoothing effect with absorbable sutures/threads to the face, neck and body

PRF injectable

Harness the body’s natural healing power using your own platelets with growth factors and stem cells injected into the skin for the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles, scars, wound healing and skin rejuvenation of face and body

Female Rejuvenation Shot


Series of PRF injections for women to treat sexual dysfunction and stimulate the vagina to aid in achieving orgasm or even stronger ones

Male Rejuvenation Shot


Series of PRF injections for men strategically placed to enhance sexual arousal and treat erectile dysfunction


Has many therapeutic indications (migraines, teeth grinding, sweaty under ams) and the cosmetic bonus of reducing fine lines and wrinkles


Sculptra is a collagen producing miracle It is the only injectable wakes up the body’s producing ability of collagen

Fat Buster Injections

An injectable treatment that dissolves & destroy stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise to improve your profile, non-surgically and permanently


Treatment of unsightly spider to small varicose veins especially to the legs to make them shrink and disappear


Reduction of excessive sweating under the arms, palms of hands and soles of feet

Hair Restoration

Series of PRF injections to stimulate new hair growth assisting with hair loss prevention in both men and women

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