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Laser Treatments


This is a non-invasive infrared concentrated beam of light (Laser) with long pulse settings to remove/reduce hair in unwanted areas. Also, with the gentle heat it creates on the skin , it results in collagen-building and skin tightening.

Laser Treatments at FUTURE Aesthetics is an overall painless experience.

Laser Services

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Laser Hair Reduction

Our Laser Hair treatment is a safe, gentle, fast and effective method for hair reduction. In just a few treatment sessions using the gentle power of laser, you can greatly improve the appearance of the skin and reduce unwanted hair.

Prices for Laser Hair Reduction vary depending on the area of interest. A Laser Consult is done prior to starting treatment with us. To schedule an appointment,  visit our Contact info to get in touch.


We offer 25% off a package of 8 sessions.

A minimum of 6 sessions required for any area being treated.

Waxing/plucking are to be halted 3-4 weeks prior to 1st Laser Treatment & are not permitted during treatments.

Laser Facial

Laser Facial is an effective treatment for overall skin rejuvenation. 



-Aids in clearing acne fast by killing acne causing bacteria


- Reverses sun damage


-Improves skin tone 


-Stimulates Collagen

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