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JetPeel is an advanced skincare technology designed to treat skin at a deep level for the most effective results.

Jet propulsion technology adapted for the aesthetic industry, enables the most comfortable, healthiest treatment with fast visible results.


Beyond the skin, JetPeel helps you look and feel fresh, healthy and amazing, building confidence in yourself and your skincare.

What is JetPeel?




Signature Express


Consists of the rapid infusion of ingredients to radiantly hydrate, brighten, soothe and stimulate the skin using the three JetPeel signature steps for that person who is always on the go!

Acne Jetpeel

The Bye-Bye Blemish JetPeel! Uses specially formulated anti-bacterial peptides to clear the skin, control acne, calms the skin and re-establishes the physiological balance in acne-prone skin

Ageless Jetpeel (<35 years old)

The treatment of choice for those who desire a more radiant, hydrated, firmer looking appearance with a combination of JetPeel’s key anti-ageing ingredients to fight fine lines & wrinkles. An ideal treatment for young skin 

Ageless Jetpeel (>35 years old)

Ideal antiageing treatment for more mature skin. Able to firm, hydrate, plump and relax deep wrinkles to rejuvenate the overall skin

Good to Glow Jetpeel

Perfect treatment that softens hyperpigmentation to achieve a uniform bright complexion and revitalizes the skin delivering a brighter more luminous complexion

Calming Jetpeel

The Antioxidant effect! Counteracts signs of ageing, sun damage, restore suppleness to the skin with the powerful infusion of CBD

Dewy Hydration Jetpeel

Uses four (4) types of hyaluronic acids and biopeptides to provide an ideal level of moisture using deep hydration transforming the skin to appreciate a very dewy glow

Plump It Up Jetpeel (with Blood)

What’s like getting a vampire facial without the downtime? 


Our most powerful antiageing treatment for the longest lasting results. A deeply collagen stimulating treatment that leaves the skin with an overall ‘plumping’ effect for a fresher, healthier, youth preserving appearance by reversing ageing through the stimulation of collagen and elastin

Red Carpet Jetpeel

Perfect treatment before any big event to enhance and renews the skin instantly! Combines our signature Oilplaning with the three (3) step approach of lymphatic drainage, exfoliation and infusion of the JetPeel. It leaves the skin with perfect pre-make-up glow up unlike any other pre-event facial!

Add Neck & Decolletage

Don’t forget these precious areas. Take the JetPeel experience down unto these neglected areas to rejuvenate and restore a radiant glow



Treating excessive sweating in a painless non-invasive way with the Jet Technology. Say bye-bye! To sweaty forehead, underarms, palms of hands and soles of feet

Needleless Botox 


The perfect alternative to Botox! The best for those afraid of needles who still desire firmer, softer skin to decrease deep wrinkles. Perfect for the ‘day of’ your big event

Needleless Hair & Scalp Jetpeel

Hair loss, hair glow and brilliance treatment that deeply purifies and nourishes the scalp while promoting hair health and growth 

Needless Blood Hair Restoration

The best way to re-grow hair by harvesting growth factors and stem cells from your own blood to regrow and improve the health of your hair without needles or numbing!

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